The villages are the heart of Gozo, known for their pretty church squares and timeless tranquility. To truly experience Gozo, one must explore these villages. Unlike Malta, which is primarily urban with patches of unspoilt countryside, Gozo is predominantly rural with small pockets of habitation in traditional villages. The capital, Ir-Rabat (Victoria), is the only town of significant size, though it remains relatively small. The rest of the island consists of rolling hills and valleys dotted with charming villages. Each village features a parish church at its centre, typically located in an attractive square surrounded by traditional limestone houses, often adorned with balconies of carved stone or painted wood.

Older men gather around the village square, chatting and watching the world go by, while women come and go from the church or the village shop. However, during summer afternoons, everything falls silent as the island takes a collective siesta. The sun shines brightly on the warm yellow stone, and the church clock strikes without urgency. Gozo’s villages offer a peaceful escape, where you can travel back in time, slow down, and recharge your batteries.

Village cores offer a wonderful respite from modern life – a taste of Gozo as it has been for centuries.