It’s that time of the year when the Gozitan countryside beckons. Now in the lull between Christmas and springtime, the island can genuinely serve as a winter sun holiday destination.

Winter in Gozo is a festive and vibrant season, filled with cultural events, adventurous activities, and scenic beauty. The island’s extensive Christmas program kicks off the celebrations, featuring illuminated streets, Christmas markets, and nativity scenes that create a magical atmosphere. One of the highlights is the live nativity village in Ghajnsielem, where visitors can experience a reenactment of the nativity story, complete with actors and animals.

In February, the island comes alive with Carnival celebrations, especially in Nadur. Known for its spontaneous and eccentric events, the Nadur Carnival is a mix of traditional and modern festivities, including parades, colorful costumes, and lively music. This unique blend makes it one of the most famous and entertaining carnivals in the region.

Valentine’s Day in Gozo offers a romantic setting with special events and activities tailored for couples. Many hotels and restaurants provide exclusive Valentine’s packages, including candlelit dinners and spa treatments, making it a perfect getaway for romance.

For adventure enthusiasts, Gozo’s mild winter weather is ideal for outdoor activities. Hiking and cycling through the island’s lush, green landscapes are popular, with trails offering stunning views of the Mediterranean Sea and historical sites. Rock climbing in Wied il-Mielaħ and exploring the island’s coastal caves through diving are also thrilling options during this season.

A winter getaway or a winter holiday is about finding balance in the long dark winter days!

What better way to do this than enjoying the great outdoors and nature? After all, it helps in getting the daily dose of vitamin D. If long-winded treks and brisk, strenuous hikes along the coast or around and through the villages are not your ideal activity, nothing stops you from wallowing down laid-back paths in the countryside. These still renew body and soul. The green hills and meadows streaked with wildflowers beneath blue skies are a joy to behold and an excellent opportunity for photography enthusiasts. The beaming crown daisy, lelluxa as it is locally known, which blooms during the season, is a sunny reminder that the winter holiday in Gozo is about cosy sunshine. Favourite winter walk paths include the northern route along the salt pans, the uphill ascent leading to Tal-Ġurdan lighthouse or the more arduous and rougher climb of Għammar Hill, the walk around the areas of Santa Luċija, Għar Ilma and the Għadira ta’ San Raflu overlooking Xlendi bay, a stroll at Ta’ Ċenċ plateau and walks in the area of Xatt l-Aħmar.

Picnics must be one of the top 10 things to do in Gozo in winter. Pack up a picnic or get yourself a quick fix by dropping by one of the bakeries and grabbing a Gozitan ftira as a hearty lunch along with some sweet treats, for which most of the Gozitan bakers are notorious. Picnics at beaches like Ramla Bay, Ħondoq ir-Rummien, ix-Xatt l-Aħmar and Xwejni can be described as pure bliss. Make sure you have a good jacket, as the winter sea breeze can be chilly!

February is stringing along the colourful Carnival celebrations for some more noise, fun and excitement!

Although Gozo has become a firm winter sun holiday destination for travellers from mainland Europe, Gozo in winter is much less hectic. When making your dining-out arrangements, it’s best to call the restaurant, as some places might have limited opening hours during the winter season. Whether you’re dining out at seaside spots or village centres, ask for the local fare of the season, such as the traditional soups and winterish stews.

If you’re in Gozo in mid-February, you can experience Gozo’s romantic nod in the cultural calendar to celebrate Valentine’s Day. The calendar of events for Gozo in winter is spiced up with Retro cinema films, drive-in movie night, an artisan fair in Villa Rundle Gardens, and at Ta’ Dbieġi Artisan Village, romantic comedies and concerts, all part of Valentine’s annual programme of events in Gozo.

Carnival is one of the highlights of the things to do in Gozo in winter. You might want to follow the glee of the joyful parades and mingle with the amused crowd of revellers, or you might want to hide away from it all. After all, this is what a laid-back winter holiday on the island of Gozo is about.

Autumn is once again a welcome season after the hot summers, and travellers during this season get to enjoy an extended but less intense summer that allows one to be more laid back.

Gozo is an island for all seasons but there is no doubt that it is a stunning Autumn destination!

As the scorching summer weather evaporates, Gozo breathes revival and after the first rain, the island’s countryside awakens, as in Spring. Once school children settle back at their desks, the idyllic and serene Autumn days are here. The balmy weather still means days and weeks of sunshine – perfect not only for spending days in the countryside discovering new routes and footpaths but brilliant for photo-taking.

Whether you prefer a steep walk up a hillside, a moderate cycling route or a lazy day at the beach, Gozo will thrill you! It’s also the ideal time to explore the villages and their main squares where you can enjoy local life as it unfolds unhurried in blissful daily routine, maybe over a glass of wine or a local ftira, hot from the traditional wood fired ovens. Those who love the sea cannot ignore the call of the fair skies, the blue water, the deserted beaches and the fact that the sea is still warm enough for a swim.

Autumn in Gozo is also a special time associated with several events and traditions.

From the Qala International Folk Festival to the Kite and Wind Festival there’s a lot to enjoy. If you’re intent in experiencing a typical rural Gozitan holiday, you might want to opt to book one of the many welcoming self-catering farmhouses that are scattered all over the island’s countryside. Many of these cozy abodes are also very luxurious and comfortable! But there are many other options when it comes to accommodation.

Beside the traditions and rural aspects, Autumn’s highlight must be the exciting opera season. Gozo’s two theatres, located in the main street of Victoria, basking in the glow of the iconic Citadel, the Aurora and the Astra Theatres have ensured that over the years Gozo gains outstanding recognition in the operatic world.

October in Gozo is opera season, so Autumn holds the promise of a tranquil holiday and the glamour of an evening at the opera. We know that it’s simply a delight to be out and about at this time of the year and a visit to the island is kind of … obligatory!

Gozo lives its life outdoors in summer. A summer holiday in Gozo is about basking in everything that goes on around you. Summer is when the calendar of events peaks with activities and events.

Once spring is over, it’s time for the rush of the summer vibe. The hot season is all about the outdoors and the vibrant Mediterranean atmosphere, complete with traditional colourful village feasts and an outdoor music scene. Head to the beach, enjoy the cool, scintillating waters and do not forget a dose of snorkelling. Check out water sports activities such as kayaking or jet skiing for a higher adrenalin rush. If you’re more laid back, consider a boat ride around the island of Gozo or Comino. In the evenings, there are many restaurants and dining options to consider. If you’re keen on a sea-front table, booking is always advised.

A beach holiday is an adventure in itself!

For some, a summer holiday is about a blissful morning at the beach engrossed in a book, but there is no doubt that the glistening blues have a magical appeal. It’s difficult to avoid dipping into the refreshing water or enjoying a boat ride. At the top of the list of things to do in Gozo in summer is water sports. This can take the form of the effervescent exhilaration of towables and jet skiing but there are more evocative adventures like diving into the deep blue, canoeing and stand-up paddling.

Take time to tour the island. Start your Gozo summer getaway at the centre and explore Victoria, the hub of the island that comes complete with a string of magnificent churches and a medieval Citadel. Stop at a café for an ice-cold coffee or a gelato. Tour the villages and admire the typical local honey-coloured houses.

Once in the countryside, your summer vacation should include a visit to a farming estate. Ask for the quintessential summer snack ħobż biż-żejt, a crusty and rustic type of sandwich that is spread with crushed fresh tomatoes, capers, olives and a dash of green olive oil. Complete this with a slice of ripe red watermelon and that is your summer in Gozo! Make sure you ask for DOK Gozo wines, as the microclimate of the island gives rise to a speciality.

If you’re keen on history, Gozo’s map is a treasure trove of sightseeing spots to seek out. Among the top places to visit are Ġgantija temples and the Xewkija windmill, but equally epic is a tour of the coastal towers.

Gozo summer evenings are a beautiful never-ending affair.

For a laid-back evening, you can spend your summer vacation days at the water’s edge dining at one of the restaurants in Marsalforn, Xlendi or Mġarr harbour. You can opt for a drink at a typical local bar in the village square. Otherwise, seek out the more energetic nightspots pulsating with the summer night music vibe.

All of this is experienced in the overlapping village festa scene. Experience a whole cacophony of vibrant colours, banners, euphoric music and jubilant street revelling alongside the religious traditions all in honour of the beloved patron saints on an island where summer nights are not just about starry skies but impressive displays of fugacious fireworks.

Spring in Gozo transforms the island into a vibrant landscape, with fields blanketed in wildflowers and lush greenery. The mild weather and blooming flora make it an ideal time for exploring scenic hiking trails and historic sites.

Spring in Gozo is a delightful time to visit, offering a perfect blend of outdoor activities, cultural events, and stunning natural beauty. The island comes alive with blooming wildflowers and mild temperatures, making it ideal for various activities.

Some cold bouts may persist in early Gozitan spring days, but pleasant days of warm sunshine will not be amiss. Spring is without doubt a great time to visit Gozo.

Spring also calls for more outdoor adventures amid the blooming countryside. Abseiling, cycling, and even kayaking are exciting options in springtime. Beyond these activities, you can also enjoy diving (which is usually on all year round except for a brief hiatus during winter). The season is a favourite for many travellers who plan to visit the island during the Easter break. Easter in Gozo is not just a weekend event. As an island steeped in religious traditions and devotions, Gozo provides a unique experience in processions, exhibitions and activities tied to the passion, death and resurrection of Jesus.

Spring Adventures

If you're seeking more adrenaline-pumping activities, Gozo offers exciting options such as abseiling and kayaking. The island's rugged coastline and hidden coves provide excellent spots for these adventurous activities. You can rent kayaks at locations like Mgarr ix-Xini, Ramla Beach, and Hondoq ir-Rummien Beach to explore the island's stunning shoreline and discover secluded beaches and caves. Hiking is another popular spring activity in Gozo. Trails such as the Gharb to Gharb Walk and the Ta' Gurdan Walk offer breathtaking views of the island's natural beauty, including colorful spring flowers, limestone formations, and historical landmarks like the 15th-century San Dmitri chapel and the Ta' Gurdan Lighthouse.

Experience Spring in Gozo

For water sports enthusiasts, stand-up paddleboarding is an ideal way to enjoy the calm waters of Gozo. Several rental companies offer equipment and guided tours, allowing you to explore the island from a unique perspective. Diving and snorkeling are also great options to experience Gozo's underwater beauty, with sites featuring natural caves and shipwrecks. Additionally, cultural events in the spring, such as the Festival of Lights at the Citadel in Victoria and the Fireworks Festival in Nadur, add to the vibrant atmosphere of the island during this season. These events provide an excellent opportunity to experience the local culture and festivities, making spring in Gozo a blend of relaxation and adventure for all types of travelers