Wied l-Għasri, the Għasri Valley, is a marvellous place for a country walk or bike ride, especially in winter and spring. L-Għasri Valley is a deep gorge-like valley with very high cliffs carved into the Lower Coralline Limestone and the overlying Globerigerina Limestone.

Prickly pears and capers grow on and around the dry stone walls in and around the valley. During late spring the area becomes a carpet of red poppies.

The valley begins at Ta’ Dbieġi Hill before winding down through the village of l-Għasri, and on between iż-Żebbuġ and Ta’ Ġurdan Hill to meet the sea between impressive cliffs.

Since the valley follows a winding path that leads to the open sea, you can enjoy a dip in the Mediterranean at the end of the valley where a small and secluded pebbly bay lies.

Although it seems inaccessible, a series of steps have been cut into one side of the cliff face, taking you to the tiny pebbly beach. On your way down the stairs, you’ll get a full view of the natural beauty that surrounds you so make sure you keep a camera handy.

Wied l-Għasri is very popular with divers who like to explore the surrounding underwater caves. The very narrow and secluded bay is also a haven for those who seek a quiet bathing area.

The area is great for a swim on a fine day but is especially spectacular on windy days when you can enjoy the rage of the sea splashing against the cliffs from a safe distance.

Where the valley meets the sea is an interesting cave with a shaft dug right up to the top of the steep cliffs above. This used to contain a rig of ropes and buckets to bring up sea water to fill the neighboring saltpans.

A secluded gorge oozing natural beauty