Perched atop a commanding height of 161 metres above the azure Mediterranean waters, Ta’ Ġurdan Lighthouse stands as a prominent landmark in Gozo, casting its watchful gaze over the quaint village of l-Għasri. Erected in 1851 during the era of British rule, this beacon of maritime safety was built to accommodate the increasing maritime traffic that frequented these waters. Guiding seafarers since its operational debut on the 15th of October, 1853, the lighthouse remains steadfast in its duty to this very day, albeit now fully automated.

In its inaugural days, the lighthouse boasted a configuration of 21 bespoke oil lamps, meticulously arranged in clusters of seven along each of its three facets. Complemented by silver-plated brass reflectors and a sophisticated system of expansive lenses, the luminous beam extended an impressive 38 nautical miles into the horizon.

However, the vigour of its beam has dimmed somewhat in contemporary times, owing to advancements in maritime navigation technology which have mitigated the imperative for its former brilliance. Moreover, the encroachment of light pollution emanating from the proliferation of street lighting has further subdued its luminosity.

Walking to the lighthouse involves navigating a moderately steep incline; however, the effort is richly rewarded by the breathtaking panoramic views awaiting at the top of the hill. If the lighthouse keeper is there, lucky visitors can look inside the lighthouse and maybe even go up the spiral staircase to the top. But even if the keeper isn't around, you can still wander around the flat area at the top of the hill.

You'll be surrounded by the remains of an old military post and you'll have an amazing view of the beautiful landscape all around you.