There are attractions of every kind in Gozo – historical and natural, religious and family-friendly. The coastline is spectacular with weird and wonderful rock formations lapped by the crystal-clear waters of the Mediterranean, and the islands 7000-year history makes its mark from cliff-tops to villages, valleys to the great bastion walls of the capital’s Citadel.

The villages are the heart of Gozo with their pretty church squares and timeless tranquility. They offer a wonderful respite from modern life – and a taste of Gozo as it has been for centuries.
All roads in Gozo lead to the capital, ir-Rabat , and, rising above it, the fortified Citadel. Ir-Rabat (Victoria) is not just the geographic centre of Gozo, but also the centre of its commercial, social and cultural life – as well as its history. The town combines the bustle of the market with a relaxed and sociable atmosphere – particularly in the main square, officially called Independence Square but known to all as It-Tokk.

Events are always unfolding, with concerts and exhibitions held alongside some less likely attractions including fully-staged Italian opera in the island’s two theatres and the traditional horse racing in the main streets, in summer.


The island of Gozo presents no particular transport challenges and whether you’re set on exploring on foot or hitching a ride, we’re pretty certain that you’ll enjoy wandering around. Here we’re simply bringing all the options together to make sure you take the best decision when you’re out and about exploring the island.

Public transport in Gozo is inexpensive and efficient and there are also plenty of taxis and car hire garages as well as bicycles and boats. Or if you’d like a guide with your vehicle, you can always take a tour.