Exploring Gozitan Wine: Unraveling its Mysteries and Delights

Did Ulysses drink Gozitan wine with the nymph Calypso?

Was the wine the reason why he delayed his return to his home in Itacha? We cannot answer these questions but here are five undisputed facts about Gozitan wine!

Gozo has its own DOK Label

This means that the red, white and rose’ wine that are marked with DOK label are produced only from grapes that are grown on the island of Gozo.  These are then rightfully marked by the banderol label that designates it as DOK, in other words, protected designation of origin.  This is the highest level of certification that can be achieved.

The Magic of Environment, Soil and Climate

The body and flavour of the wine are always dependent on the climate, the environment and soil in which the vineyards are located.  One can find vineyards growing in different types of soil around Gozo, but the larger vineyards are found mostly in clay soil. This along with the Mediterranean type of climate, days of sunshine and wind yields the strong flavour of the Gozitan wine.  Many of these vineyards can be found on the north-eastern side of Gozo.

The Sea Salt Effect

Wine experts explain that Gozitan wines have a special favour that arises from the very close proximity of the fields to the sea.  The very fact that geographically speaking, Gozo is a very small island, results in the vines being frequently sprayed by the sea salt and this, in turn, gives a special twist in the flavour!  Even the salty night dew that is very present during the hot summer months is an important phenomenon towards Gozitan wines acquiring a unique taste!

A Variety of Grapes for all Tastes

The array of grape varieties that thrive and are grown in Gozo result in a good choice of wines that can be enjoyed with different meals and dishes.  Amongst the grape varieties that are grown on the island, one can find the Chardonnay, Girgentina, Gellewża, Merlot and Syrah.

Wineries, Estates, Taverns & Bars:

In Gozo, one can find 3 main wineries and estates namely Ta’ Mena Estate, Tal-Massar Winery and Marsovin Ramla Valley Estate, all of which are located in Xagħra.  Many rural estates also offer local wine tasting.  Gozitan wines can also be enjoyed at the many taverns and bars around the island!