The Cittadella Visitors’ Centre is housed in two old water reservoirs built in the 1870s within the Cittadella Ditch. The Cittadella Masterplan recommended converting these reservoirs into a Visitors’ Centre to provide much-needed interpretation facilities. The conversion was part of an EU co-funded project for the Implementation of the Cittadella Masterplan Recommendations.

The Centre has two main areas. The first features interactive touch screens and printed panels covering the evolution of Cittadella, nature, military history, ecclesiastical history, and civil history. The second area is a surround theatre showing an eight-minute video on key moments in Cittadella's millenarian history. Information is available in eight languages.

A €5 ticket entitles visitors to visit the Cittadella Visitors’ Centre, the Gozo Archaeology Museum, the Nature Museum, the Old Prisons and the Gran Castello Historic House. You can get your tickets from here.

A Must-Visit When at the Citadel